Working Hours: 08:00AM – 06:00PM

LARGE SIZE PRODUCTION UNIT Designed and Manufactured by CATRA

Suitable for use by:

  • Caterers
  • Restaurants
  • Butchers
  • Chefs-abattoirs
  • Hotels
  • Small Food Processors
  • Shops
  • Small Knife Makers
Approx Prices excluding Shipping Please contact CATRA for the latest prices. Some used machines often available
Grinding wheel diameter 200 mm
Grinding wheel width 5 mm
Maximum practical blade size 850mm long x 200mm wide
Overall Size 1000 x 700 x 500 mm
Weight 250 Kg
Power 0.75 kW with variable speed options
Voltage 3ph 380/440V or single phase 220V
Noise Level 70dBa
*Oil coolant/ lubrication system optional, only required for extremely arduous duties

Stainless steel version available

Can be fitted with direct angle readout or hand held goniometer

Typical sharpness measurements from this machine
  • Requires only semi-skilled labour with minimal training
  • Consistent, but adjustable knife edge angle between 20° and 60°
  • The double spiral interlock grinding wheel sharpening system is used in the machine, which is designed for sharpening in either the knife manufacturing plants or high volume re-sharpening units.
  • This system, coupled with the high tech abrasive Cubic Boron Nitride (CBN) gives the machine many advantages.
  • Use of CBN abrasive avoids the need for both a grinding and honing operation
  • Low heat generation, which does not need coolant, making a more comfortable operational environment.
  • Easy to maintain as the grinding wheels do not need redressing or regular adjustment
  • Safe operation – grinding wheels do not break as they are of coated steel construction, low noise level
  • Higher grinding speeds means fast operation without edge burning. No loss of blade hardness at the tip of the cutting edge, thereby maintaining high edge life.
  • Recoatable grinding wheels keep costs low
  • A range of abrasive grit sizes are available to suit different knife uses
  • Dual operation allows both sharpener and hollow grinder in one machine
  • Can sharpen a wide range of curved and straight machine blades with either single or double bevel edges

In the knife re-sharpening environment, the equipment can easily be adjusted to provide a hollow grinding process for well used blades where the edge has become too thick. Adjustment between sharpening and hollow grinding takes less than 10 seconds and a typical hollow grind time is less than 2 minutes.

Knife Type Edge Thickness Pieces/Hour Approximate Wheel Life Between Coatings Approximate Consumable Grinding Wheel Re-coat Cost/blade*
40,000 pieces
30,000 pieces
24,000 pieces
1.3p (2.6c)
1.6p ( 3.2c)
1.9p ( 3.8c)

NOTE: Re-sharpening rates are up to twice the above pieces/hour.