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Our Most Precise Goniometer. Capable of Measuring Sharpened Angles for:



Rapidly determines edge angle and condition, making it suitable for use in production or laboratory environments.

  • Provides high precision and accuracy sharpened angle measurement of most cutting edges.
  • Indicates edge radius on blades that have been polished or honed.
  • Simple to use and interpret.
  • Suitable for use with tapered, flat strip and forged blades with plain edges.
  • Can be used as an indicator for setting-up production machinery.
  • Ideal for use in quality control systems.
  • Single bevel and double edged components accommodated equally well.
  • Optional set of certified blades for calibration, including a special holder for unusual shape blades.
  • Fixture with centralising rollers for blades which have tapered sides, e.g. ground kitchen blades and forged cooks knives.
  • Magnetic flat plate fixture for razor blades, scalpel blades and all types of knives made from flat material, including hollow ground knives.

The Laser Goniometer is used to measure the sharpened bevel angles of knives and other types of cutting edge components by reflection of a laser beam from the facets of the cutting edge. The reflected image from the blade can be interpreted to give useful detailed information about the surface condition, method of manufacture and cutting performance.

A user manual is supplied, giving instructions on how to set-up the device and interpret the cutting edge geometry readings. Digital copies are also available.


Precision ± ½°, calibrated to ½°
Size 290mm x 290mm x 150mm
Power 230V or 110V
Laser Class 2, 3mW
Maximum Blade Width 120mm or 300mm (with special modification)

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Not quite what you’re after?

Also available are the Portable Model for factory floor inspection and the Hobbigoni for the knife enthusiast, which can be bought from our online shop.