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For testing KNIVES, BLADES & CUTTING EDGES we have designed and make the following:

Sharpness & Life Tester designed to BS EN ISO8442-5:1999 A special purpose unit that tests the sharpness and longevity of all types of plain, fine, serrated and scalloped cutting edges, both manual & automatic versions available.
Sharpness Tester A semi automatic light weight unit designed to give accurate , yet rapid measurement of  cutting edge sharpness only. Suitable for all types of blades
Laser Goniometer Laboratory Model A laser beam reflection device to measure the sharpened edge geometry and tip condition of all kinds of knives and blades from small surgical blades to very large industrial cutters.
Laser Goniometer Portable Model A robust hand held protractor unit to measure edge cutting geometry on small or medium blades, ideal for workshop inspection activities.
Laser Knife Edge Protractor The smallest of the goniometers, quickly and simply  gives hobbyists, knife collectors and small manufacturers the ability to measure the blade edge geometry. Low cost.
Blade Edge Profile Microscope This instrument gives visual image and semi automatic calculation of knife edge sectional angles, thicknesses and tip radius, directly to your PC, without damaging the blade.
Blade Edge Thickness Tester Either a simple micrometer device or accurate high-speed electronic gauging system is available.
Blade Overheating Detector An electronic device, which non-destructively detects areas of overheating (low corrosion resistance) in martensitic and sophisticated alloy knife blade steels.
Corrosion Test Unit conforming to the requirements of BS EN ISO 8442-1/2:1998 A salt solution immersion tester to determine the corrosion resistance of knife grade stainless steels. Detects overheated areas of knife blades.
Kitchen & Professional Knife Bend Strength Tester to BS EN ISO 8442-1:1998 A simple unit, which checks the ability of the blade to resist bending and cracking, both in handle and blade areas.
Table amp; Flatware Knife Bend Strength Tester to BS EN ISO 8442-2:1998 A simple unit, which checks the ability of the blade to resist bending and cracking, both in handle and blade areas.
Table, Kitchen & Professional Knife Handle Twist and Pull Tester to BS EN ISO 8442-1&2:1998 Two simple devices for checking the security and strength of handle fixing of all types of hand knives
Endurance Test Rig for Life Testing of Folding, Pocket and other Knives with Pivoting Blades This unit allows pivoting mechanisms of folding type knives to be evaluated for wear resistance and joint strength over the full life span under different service conditions.
Optical Goniometer A simple device to allow microscopic evaluation of a cutlery, by scanning around the actual blade tip.

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