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Design & Manufacture of Precision Test Equipment

Sharpness & Durability assessment of knives, utility blades, scalpels, razors & more…

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Commercial & Domestic Knife Sharpeners

Proven to be the ultimate knife sharpeners for sharper, longer lasting edges

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Metallurgical & Failure Analysis

Compliance and fitness for purpose testing of cookware, garden tools, household goods, surgical instruments & implants

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CATRA Testing Services

The Cutlery & Allied Trades Research Association


CATRA is the world’s leading authority on the testing of cutlery, knives, cookware, tools and other utensils for manufacturers, retailers and consumers.
From our research in knife edge design and manufacturing techniques, we have developed a range of powered knife-sharpeners for the commercial and domestic markets. Our CATRASHARP products provide the sharpest and most durable cutting-edge, while being quick and easy to use.

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