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Our team of engineers develop the following machines for testing knives, blades and cutting edges:

Automatic Edge Tester Tests the sharpness and longevity of nearly all straight cutting edges.
Razor Edge Sharpness Tester Light-weight unit designed to give accurate measurement of cutting edge sharpness. Suitable for all types of smaller blades.
Laboratory Laser Goniometer Laser beam reflection device that measures sharpened edge geometry and tip condition of many different knives and blades, from small surgical blades to large industrial cutters.
Portable Laser Goniometer Robust handheld protractor unit to measure edge cutting geometry on small or medium blades, ideal for workshop inspection activities.
The Hobbi-Goniometer The smallest of the goniometers: quickly and simply gives hobbyists, knife collectors and small manufacturers the ability to measure blade edge geometry.
Blade Overheating Unit An electronic device, which detects areas of overheating (low corrosion resistance) in martensitic and sophisticated alloy knife blade steels.
Corrosion Test Unit Our salt-solution immersion tester. It determines the corrosion resistance of knife-grade stainless steels. Additionally, it can detect overheated areas of knife blades.
Kitchen & Professional Knife Bend Strength Tester Checks the ability of a kitchen knife blade to resist bending and cracking, both in handle and blade areas.
Knife & Flatware Bend Strength Tester Determines the bend resistance of nearly all knives and cutlery.
Folding Knife Test Rig Evaluates pivoting mechanisms of folding knives, such as pocket knives, and other knives with pivoting blades for wear resistance and joint strength over the full life span under different service conditions.

For example results obtained from our testing machines, see our Comparisons of Kitchen Knives.