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CATRA has a vast experience of manufacturing and production engineering in the fields of knives, tools, cookware and utensils. This enables us to undertake projects offering advice from the simplest tooling and fixturing all the way through to complete factory layouts including specification of equipment, manpower, materials and services.

The following are the specific forte’s of the CATRA staff.

All Processes in the Manufacture of Cutlery & Knives
Sharpening, Honing, Stropping
Cleaning and Degreasing
Manual and Automatic Assembly Techniques
Marking by Stamping, Printing, Etching and Laser
Automation and Robotics
Manufacturing Process Routes
Grinding, Polishing, Vibro Processing
Abrasive Belt Operations
Tooling, Jigging and Fixtures
Butt Welding, Brazing, Soldering
Sorting, Stacking and Packing
Automated Process Gauging and Quality Assessment
Manpower Requirements and Factory Layout

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