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For testing RAZORS, SHAVERS and SHAVING SYSTEMS, we have designed and make the following test equipment:

Razor Blade Durability and Sharpness Tester A specially developed machine utilising cutting force measurement that gives accurate and realistic sharpness and life determinations for both quality control and R&D purposes. Fully programmable automatic machine.
Sharpness tester Using the same principle as the above machine, this unit can quickly assess the cutting performance sharpness only of all types of razor blades.
Optical Goniometer and edge inspection unit A simple device that integrates with a microscope to allow visual examination and photography of the cutting edges of all types of blade.
Razor Safety System tester A unique device designed to objectively compare the risk of cuts and abrasions to the skin of different razors and shaving systems.
Laser Goniometer Laboratory Model An accurate laser reflection unit designed to measure the sharpened edge angles and edge tip radius condition of single and multi faceted  edges of all types razor blades.
Laser Goniometer Portable Model A hand held unit to measure edge cutting geometry of razor blades, Optional modification for mid strip measurement on continuous sharpening machines.
Electric Razor Durability Tester Utilising synthetic hair this device enables the longevity and performance of a electric shaver to be accurately monitored and compared, suitable for QC and R & D
Razor Instrumentation System A bespoke  system for monitoring the performance of razors during actual shaving. Options are available to measure the number of strokes, shaving forces, vibration, noise and skin contact time.
Razor Blade Edge Position and Protrusion Measuring Instrument A non- contacting laser powered position measurement system for accurate determination of blade position and edge protrusion within a cartridge or moulded assembly.
Mechanical  Wet or Dry Shaving Test System Based on a CATRA invented simulated facial surface (SIMFAC) with hair and  follicular depressions, we have developed a device to objectively measure the closeness, forces, vibration, noise and to photographically examine both statically and dynamically the of shaving process and resultant shave surface.

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