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The CATRAHONE is designed to repair, sharpen and hone your knives. Quick and simple to use, you can now maintain perfect edges for every carving, slicing and dicing task in the kitchen.

Fast and easy to use, our CATRASHARP powered knife sharpener will produce one of the sharpest and most consistent blade edges. The user just needs to plug in and sharpen.

Able to restore hundreds of knives a day, this is the professional knife sharpener’s system of choice. With minimal training, anyone can produce knives with exceptional cutting performance and durability.

This unit can sharpen to inclusive angles of 20° to as large as 60°. The V-100’s variability coupled with our CBN wheels make it one of the most powerful sharpeners in the commercial sector.

Whether it’s a restaurant, catering business or your own kitchen, a sharp knife is essential. That’s why we develop powered knife sharpeners for the commercial and domestic markets that are easy to use and produce exceptionally sharp edges in a matter of seconds.

CATRA’s knife-edge expertise stem from our role as an international testing service for knives, cookware, tools and other utensils. Decades-worth of research on how to achieve the sharpest, most durable blade means that you can rely on our knife sharpeners even in the most high-pressure restaurant kitchen.