Working Hours: 08:00AM – 06:00PM

Our team of engineers develop the following machines for testing cookware:

Cookware Handle Fastening Strength Tester Designed by CATRA to meet the test requirements of BS EN ISO standards for the bend, torsional and impact strength requirements of all sizes of cookware.
Cookware Handle Fatigue Resistance Tester Meets the requirements of the latest standards, this fully automatic machine will evaluate fatigue resistance performance of all types of handle fastenings.
Non-Stick Surface Abrasion & Scratch Resistance Tester Fully automatic equipment to simulate and compare the resistance of non-stick coatings for their ability to resist abrasion and scratching.
Sharp Edge Safety Tester (here) A device to accurately determine and quantify whether any sharp edges of cookware and similar items are hazardous to the user.
Dishwasher Resistance Test Machine (here) A dishwashing machine with full control of all operating parameters and capable of unattended continuous operation to enable over 20 cycles to be accurately performed within a 24 hour period.

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