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Testing and Consultancy Services

Testing Product Evaluation

We provide an efficient, independent and low-cost product evaluation service. Ask for a quotation at no obligation to you.


Manufacturing Method Consultancy

CATRA has a vast experience of manufacturing and production engineering in the fields of knives, tools and utensils. This enables us to undertake projects offering advice from the simplest tooling and fixturing all the way through to complete factory layouts.


Product Failure Investigation

Our many years of experience in determining failure causes and mechanisms are at hand for your product – cutlery, flatware, knives, blades, tools or cookware.


Information & Independent Advice

CATRA’s experience in technical problem solving and information supply means we can provide independent advice in all aspects of design, specification, manufacturing and testing for knives, tools and utensils.



All our courses are taught by practising experts within their field. Contact us for our latest course dates or to arrange a bespoke course for your needs, which we can carry out on your site.


Research & Development

We carry out a whole range of technical research and development on cutlery, flatware, knives, blades, hand tools, razors, cookware, kitchen gadgets and more.


Manufacturing, Machinery Design & Build

As with our research and development expertise, CATRA are at hand to provide advice into manufacturing and machinery design for a range of products.


Performance Test Development & Equipment Supply

CATRA’s vast experience of a wide range of products has enabled us to offer special designs, development and the manufacturing of equipment for testing product performance.


Quality & Productivity Improvement Services

CATRA’s unique postion as a research organisation, test house and manufacturing technologist allows us to offer the full technical package required to improve the quality of your goods without large increases in the cost of manufacture.


Safety Assessment & Evaluation

CATRA is able to test products and advise clients on the safety of products. For example, we evaluate UK products to The General Product Safety Regulations 2005 Statutory Instrument 1803.


Product Design & Material Selection Consultancy

If you need specific advice with your product design, particularly certain specialist features such as sharpness, edge geometry, cutting life, cutter design, suitability for manufacture, then CATRA’s experience is available to help you.



Our metallurgists and system engineers provide an end-to-end service for all our clients. At the development stage, we offer consultancy on the design and manufacture of cutlery, kitchenware, food processing blades and more. During the stages of manufacturing we are able to qualify products through environmental testing, such as corrosion resistance and blade sharpness.

We are on hand for retail organisations to ensure quality standards in manufacturing are being achieved and also undertake failure and analysis of products that have been returned by the customer.

Our consultancy services extend to surgical tools, razor blades and specialist applications, such as stab vest assessment. For specific client applications, we have developed specialist test equipment, such as the durability of scissors and folding knives.