Working Hours: 08:00AM – 06:00PM

CATRA provides specialised training services in the following areas:

  • Technical aspects of cutlery, flatware, knives, blades, kitchen gadgets and utensils, cookware and tool manufacture, material selection, quality assessment, failure analysis, specification, product fitness for purpose.
  • Safety in the use of knives and other sharp cutting tools, including on-site assessment of safety hazards. (CATRA operates tailor made courses to your requirements from 1 to 25 delegates)
  • Product quality, standards/specifications and customer complaint courses for distributors and retailers.
  • Stainless steels, simply explained. Metals technology ( metallurgy), its uses, and performance
  • Knife sharpening courses using CATRA’s range of knife sharpeners held free of charge
  • Sharpening, sharpness and cutting technology a very specialist course offering in-depth understanding of sharpness, cutting edge durability, sharpening techniques / systems, blade materials, blade design, sharpness testing and much more. This course is unique, no one else in the World offers an equivalent.

All our courses are taught by experts practitioners within their field

Contact us for our latest course dates or to arrange a bespoke course for your needs, which could be carried out on your site.

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