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Variable Sharpening Angles and Hollow Grinding:
the Complete Package

  • Requires only semi-skilled labour with minimal training.
  • Consistent, but adjustable knife edge angle between 20° and 60°.
  • Optional “Gothic Arch” edge profile can be produced.
  • Use of Cubic Boron Nitride (CBN) abrasive avoids the need for both a grinding and honing operation, eliminated the need to redress the wheels.
  • Low heat generation, which doesn’t need coolant, making a more comfortable operational environment without the loss of blade hardness. This allows the edge to remain fully hardened and not become softened giving maximum blade edge life, this as much as 50% more than many other sharpeners.
  • Easy to maintain as the grinding wheels do not need redressing or regular adjustment.
  • Safe operation – grinding wheels do not break due to their steel coating.
  • Higher grinding speeds means fast operation without edge burning giving improved cutting edge life.
  • Grinding wheels that can be recoated, keeping consumable costs low.
  • Can be automated by use of robotic manipulation system.
  • Low noise level.
  • A range of abrasive grit sizes are available to suit different knife uses.
  • Optional variable speed on V-100 and variable speed as standard on V-140.

The double spiral interlock grinding wheel sharpening system is used in the machine, which is designed for sharpening in either the knife manufacturing plants of high volume re-sharpening units.

When re-sharpening a knife, the equipment can easily be adjusted to provide a hollow grinding process for well-used blades where the edge has become too thick (or if the user prefers that type of blade edge).

Knife Type Edge Thickness Pieces per hour Approximate Wheel Life Between Coatings Approximate Consumable Grinding Wheel Recoat Cost* per blade
35,000 pieces
25,000 pieces
20,000 pieces



Sharpened Angle Adjustable from 20° to 60°
Grinding Wheel Diameter 100mm (V-100) or 140mm (V-140)
Motor 0.75 kW with variable speed options: 3 phase (req. 380/440V) or 1 phase (req. 230V)
Noise Level ~ 75 dBA
Size 1200mm x 650mm x 400mm
Weight 110 kg


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