Working Hours: 08:00AM – 06:00PM

Scalpel Blade & Needle Durability and Sharpness Tester A specially developed machine utilising cutting force measurement that gives accurate and realistic sharpness and life determinations for both quality control and R&D purposes. Fully programmable automatic machine.
Sharpness tester Using the same principle as the above machine, this unit can quickly assess the cutting performance sharpness only of all types of sharp edges and sharp points, such as needles and catheters.
Scissors and Forceps Cutting Performance Test Machine A purpose designed testing that allows the cutting performance and durability of scissors/forceps to be assessed and compared.
Scrape Tester for Dental Curettes and Scalars A simple, but effective device that can evaluate sharpness and life performance of scraper type edges.
Laser Goniometer Laboratory Model An accurate unit designed to measure the sharpened edge angles and edge tip radius condition of single and multi faceted cutting edges of all types is medical blades.
Laser Goniometer Portable Model A hand held unit to measure edge cutting geometry of scalpel blades, microtome knives and other surgical cutting edges. Ideal for workshop inspection activities, optional modification for mid strip measurement on continuous sharpening machines.