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Model: i-100 | Suitable for use by:

  • Caterers
  • Restaurants
  • Butchers
  • Chefs-abattoirs
  • Hotels
  • Small Food Processors
  • Shops
  • Small Knife Makers
  • Sharpening Service Companies
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Specifications Motor (IP 54 rated i.e. spray proof) Fan cooled 375W, 240v or 110v, 1380rpm
Sharpening Wheels 100mm diameter available with  30° , 40°, 50° and 60° sharpening angle (special sizes and profiles to order)
Noise Level < 83 dBa Weight 19 Kg Size 300mm x300mm x 250 mm
Typical sharpness measurements from this machine

One of the World’s best commercial knife sharpeners gives you all these advantages:

  • Produces the sharpest knives, proved by extensive tests
  • Less than 10 seconds/knife
  • Without skill or lengthy training
  • Consistent edge angles on every knife and with every user
  • With safety and comfort
  • Does not need water, special CBN abrasive gives the coolest grind, which means greater life of the knife edge between sharpenings
  • Small and compact, light enough to be carried
  • No adjustment necessary
  • Low consumable cost, as grinding wheels can be recoated, typically 1p or 1.5c / blade sharpened
  • Low Maintenance and environmentally friendly
  • Stainless Steel Covers and water resistant electrical equipment
  • Sharpening angles of between 30° and 60° are available
  • Operates from 240 v or 110v electrical supply or generator or 12v inverter
  • Available with range of abrasive grit sizes, for different knife uses
  • Ideal for abattoirs, fish and food processors, knife sharpening services, small knife manufacturers
  • Suitable for sharpening 30 to 1000 knives/ day
  • Magnetic dust entrapment system prevents contamination of food process areas
  • Capable of sharpening both single and double bevel machine/ industrial blades

This machine is designed and manufactured in the World renowned Cutlery Laboratories of CATRA in Sheffield, England and is backed by over 60 years of product development and sharpness testing.

Its principle of operation utilizes the Spiral Interlock Grinding Wheel system, used extensively throughout the World for knife manufacture and resharpening.( beware of companies who claim this is a patented system, CATRA has been using the technique for over 40 years).  By coupling this system with the high tech abrasive Cubic Boron Nitride (CBN) it provides CATRA Knife sharpeners with many advantages.

By selection of a particular sharpening angle, typically 30°, the user will consistently produce high levels of sharpness, as the edge angle is controlled by the grinding wheel diameter. This diameter does not change during the life of the surface of CBN abrasive. This fixed sharpening geometry means that all operators of the machine will achieve the same high levels of sharpness, irrespective of skill.

Each pair of interlocking wheels is capable of resharpening a blade at least 20,000 times and much more if a knife blade edge thinning system is operated. After which time the wheels can be returned to CATRA for recoating with abrasive, thereby keeping consumable costs low.

Different grades of abrasive are available which allow knives to be sharpened for different applications.

Very smooth CBN76 Fish and meat filleting
Smooth CBN 107 General fish and meat processing
Medium CBN 126 Vegetable and general kitchen use
Coarse CBN 151 High speed sharpening and non-food industrial use

Extensive sharpness testing on the ISO 8442.5 tester reveals that levels of sharpness produced on the CATRA model I 100 are the highest consistently produced by any system. The edge life for given knife blade steel are also amongst the best achieved for re-sharpenable commercial use knives.

For the majority of uses we recommend a sharpened angle of 30°, which gives a good sharpness coupled with excellent life, however decreasing to 20° improves the sharpness, but increases the risk of damage to the edge and therefore premature loss of sharpness. The diameter of the grinding wheel controls the angle, so one machine may have different sets of wheels to give other angles. The change-over time for a pair of wheels is 5 minutes.

The machine is suitable for sharpening virtually all types of hand held knife including:

  • Boners
  • Vegetable
  • Steak/ scimitar
  • DIY/ Craft
  • Filleters
  • Slicers
  • Folding/Pocket/Hunting
  • Kitchen/ table
  • Cooks/Chefs
  • Carvers
  • Sporting/Collectors
  • Fruit/ flower
…even blades with concave curved edges can be sharpened.

Although the CBN abrasive is very fast and efficient, the knives do not become overheated during sharpening and so the use of a coolant is not required. This makes the machine pleasant to use and eliminates the use of a water bath, which quickly becomes a bacteriological hazard, but most importantly drastically reduces the risk of overheating the cutting edge. CATRA’s system can give a 50% increase in edge life over a blade sharpened on an abrasive wheel or belt with conventional abrasives, which tend to overheat the first few microns of the cutting edge.

The machine has stainless steel covers and has water resistant electric motor and switches, making it suitable for use in food processing environments and other high humidity areas.

This small machine is easily transportable and is ideal for in-house or mobile applications. When fitted into a service van the equipment runs from either a petrol generator or a 12v/240v inverter connected to the vehicle battery. It has proved to be the ideal machine for mobile knife sharpening services, which many happy customers . For details of things to consider when opening a sharpening service please read our leaflet.

The machine is supplied with a full instruction manual, allowing users to self train in less than 20 minutes.

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