Opening Hours: 8:00AM – 5:00PM

Since 1952, CATRA has been providing technical solutions and consultancy services to the worldwide cutlery industry. Therefore, we are well-placed to provide advice in all aspects of design, specification, manufacture, testing and use of cutlery and allied trades.

We answer questions on:

  • Machinery Suppliers
  • Conditions of Use and Service Problems
  • Product Care and Maintenance
  • Manufacturing Methods and Problems
  • Steel and Materials Suppliers
  • Material Selection and Suitability
  • Application of New Technologies
  • Safety and Product Misuse
  • Criminal use of Knives
  • Legality of Knives and Blades, particularly within the UK

Much of CATRA’s advice is FREE, but detailed inquiries are on a fee paying basis. We will provide a quotation before commencing. CATRA does not supply commercial information, trade statistics or historical information.

For free advice on the care of table cutlery and flatware, including the use of dishwashers, click here.

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