Working Hours: 08:00AM – 06:00PM

Suitable for use by:

Caterers – Restaurant Chefs- Butchers – Chefs – Abattoirs – Hotels – Cafe- Farm Shops – Delis – Industrial Knife Users – Small Food Processors – Food & Sandwich Shops – Low Volume Knife Makers – Small Knife Sharpening Services – Meat Packing Plants


Sharpened Angle 30° inclusive angle (15°/ side) Gothic Arch
Grinding Wheel Diameter 50mm (2″)
Motor 240 or 110 volts (please specify) – 200 watts
Noise Level < 82 dBa (whisper quiet)
Size 320mm x 140mm x 120mm (shoe box size)
Weight 5Kg

Produces very sharp knives and blades with long lasting cutting edges with proved by extensive tests

  • Consistent very high sharpness level achieved on every knife, with every user
  • Resulting cutting edge lasts up to 50% longer than with many other sharpeners
  • 10 – 20 seconds/knife
  • Any length or size of knife with plain edge or scalloped or serrated edge
  • No skill or lengthy training required, easy to use and forgiving
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • No adjustment required
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Uses the unique CATRA “Gothic Arch” spiral grinding technique for a burr ( wire) free edge
  • Low cost, saves money through productivity improvements
  • No skill or lengthy training required, easy to use and forgiving
  • Just plug in and sharpen
  • Designed and made by the World’s leading knife technology organisation
  • Magnetic particle entrapment system keeps food process areas free from metallic contamination
  • Safe to operate, no touchable moving parts unlike most other comparable sharpeners

Over 4000 of these knife sharpeners in use in supermarkets, retail butcher shops, restaurants, food manufacture/ processing and small sharpening services and shoe/heel bars.

The sophisticated principle of Tapered Spiral Interlock grinding gives a convex section cutting edge of a constant angle( often known as Gothic Arch) without any burrs or edge protrusions. The edge generated is ideal for immediate use and can easily be maintained during the working day using a sharpening steel.

Small replaceable grinding wheels coated with the high-tech abrasive Cubic Boron Nitride give many advantages to our knife sharpeners, including:

  • Cool sharpening, not requiring water, without loss of temper of the blade (this reduces bacterial problems that are associated with water based machines) Knives sharpened with CBN spiral wheels can have up to twice the cutting edge life of knives sharpened on conventional wheels or belts as they don’t overheat and therefore soften the first 2 – 5 microns of the edge.
  • Minimal wheel wear, no loss of shape and no damage.
  • Safer, the wheels will not break or splinter

The machine only generates metal dust which is kept within the main wheel guards by the use of magnets, any metal particles escaping from the knife entry slot are captured on the surface of the machine again by the influence of the built in magnetic field. this virtually eliminates any metal dust leaving the are of the machine and contaminating work surfaces and foodstuffs. Note however the knife blade is not magnetised within this system.

The grinding wheels have can have a life of 1000-5000 sharpenings dependent on the size and condition of knives sharpened and are replaced in less than 5 minutes. This makes the cost of resharpening less than 6p( 9c)/knife, but the gains in productivity through using a sharp knife can save you significant amounts of cash.

In stores, butcher shops etc typical sharpening wheel life is 2 to 3 years.

Typical sharpening times for a 6″ (150mm) blade are:

Brand new never been sharpened 30-60 seconds
Heavily worn blade never been sharpened by CATRASHARP before 30-120 seconds
A worn blade after a good amount of work, but was last sharpened by CATRASHARP 8-15 seconds

This smallest machine of the commercial range of powered sharpeners produced by CATRA is ideal for businesses that have between 1 and 20 knife users or for low volume high quality knife makers.

Manufactured from stainless steel and aluminium it is suitable for use in all food processing environments. This is a extremely well engineered and manufactured product, it is not a toy or a domestic sharpener, its is at the fore front of sharpening technology and will give you many years of service.

Serrated and Scallopped blades can be resharpened using this machine. Please note there is no sharpener on the market that can resharpen this type of blade exactly as new, but they will all gradually sharpen away the serration or scallop.

Safety overload system built in to the machine prevents overloading the motors and more importantly prevent excessive sharpening and rapid loss of blade width which can easily happen on other more aggressive knife sharpeners.

Many types of Robot Chef and Robot Coupe blades both plain and serrated can be sharpened using the CATRASHARP reducing blade replacement cost considerably.

Marinized version option is available for on board use in fishing vessels, trawlers, factory ships and fish processing plants

We will ship anywhere in the World