Working Hours: 08:00AM – 06:00PM

Our team of engineers develop the following machines for testing table cutlery and flatware:

Sharp Edge Safety Tester A device to quantify and determine whether non cutting edges of cutlery and flatware present a safety hazard to the user.
Dishwasher Resistance Test Machine A dishwashing machine with full control of all operating parameters and capable of unattended continuous operation to enable over 20 cycles to be accurately performed within a 24 hour period.
Handle Twist and Pull Tester for table, Kitchen & Professional Knife Two simple devices for checking the security and strength of handle fixing of all types of hand knives.
Flatware Bend Strength Tester (here) A simple test unit to determine the bend resistance of nearly all knives.
Silverplate Adhesion Tester A rotating barrel machine with steel ball media, which are effective at evaluating the adhesion performance of all types of metallic plated surfaces.
Surface Area Determination Equipment for Silver Plated Articles A set of equipment to accurately measure the surface area of irregular shaped objects in order that average thickness of electroplating can be determined.

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