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Portable. Robust. Precise. For Inclusive Sharpened Angles of:



Its lightweight and compact size makes it ideal for carrying around for use in various locations, as well as roving inspections in a factory environment.

  • Provides a quick and simple method of measuring blade angles.
  • Battery powered for use anywhere.
  • Single bevel and double edged components accommodated equally well.
  • Suitable for use with tapered or flat strip blades.
  • Small compact design, therefore comfortable for in-hand use.
  • Optional set of certified blades for calibration.

The device operates by reflecting a laser beam from the facets of a cutting edge onto a circular scale of 90mm diameter. The result is a rapid determination of the edge angle in situations where a mains supply is not available or impractical.

A user manual is supplied, giving instructions on how to set-up the device and interpret the cutting edge geometry readings. Digital copies are also available.


Precision ±1°
Size 160mm x 100mm x 30mm
Power 9V, battery powered
Laser Class 2, 1mW
Maximum Blade Width 44mm

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