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A safety evaluation tester suitable for determining whether any object, which has a sharp edge, corner, or protrusion is likely to cause a skin cut injury to the user in normal use. By utilisation of a ‘skin like’ tape the device can be used to indicate whether edges are sharp or not under a constant load application of 6N (approx 1.5lbs).

  • 2 minute testing time
  • Portable battery powered unit
  • Test probe is small enough to test all external surfaces and internal surfaces as small as the diameter of the human finger

The unit is ideally suited to testing safety of sharp edges on:

  • Cookware, cutlery, scissors, kitchen gadgets, knife handles
  • Tyres, cycles, pushchairs
  • Sports goods
  • Household goods, furniture, office equipment
  • Hand and garden tools
  • Decorative hollowware, tableware, glass ware, ceramics
  • Cars and public transport

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