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Accurate sharpness measurement of a fine blade edge is an essential part of razor quality control; this instrument gives you that knowledge.

  • Quickly and accurately produces sharpness data.
  • Simple semi-automatic operation.
  • Can be used for quality control, research and development, and competitor product evaluation.
  • Designed to evaluate a wide range of types and sizes of blades and pointed instruments.
  • Self-contained bench mounted unit.
  • Does not damage the blade or knife edge.

Edge sharpness testing of razors, scalpels, and similar delicate blades can be achieved with this small, bench-top instrument. It uses cutting force measurement to determine edge sharpness with a specially calibrated silicon rubber as the test medium.

How it works:

The test utilises a constant cut-depth method, whereby the blade is pushed into the test medium. The cutting force is recorded as a measure of the sharpness, which means the lower the force, the sharper the blade. As the blade contacts the rubber, the force increases to a maximum. At this point, the cutting starts to take place and the cutting force falls to a lower level. A force curve is generated and the instrument displays this peak force as a measurement of sharpness. The maximum force is used as the sharpness-related figure.

For needles and other sharp pointed blades, an optional feed unit can be fitted using a polyurethane membrane as the test medium. This is achieved by pulling taught at the point of the needle then penetrating through it.

This test system has been proved by extensive trials to be able to accurately evaluate blade sharpening techniques and edge coatings, providing an essential tool for blade quality control and research and development, such as heat treatments, sharpening, and coating technology.

Typically a sharpness measurement takes under 1 minute to perform and requires no special training of the operator.

The unit will carryout 200 sharpness test per metre of test rubber making consumable costs very low.

REST – Razor Edge Sharpness Tester. Close-up.


Test Stroke 1.5mm
Weight 9kg
Size 500mm x 590mm x 320mm
Motor 230V or 110V
Maximum Blade Length 200mm, but longer and wider blades can be accommodated with a special adaptor.
Maximum Blade Width 100mm

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