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Fully Evaluate the Strength of Knives and Flatware

The bend strength of a knife is a critical factor in assessing the overall strength of a new knife design or for regular quality control checks.

The equipment is generally as shown in the figure (right), and complies with the arrangement as described in EN28442-2.

To the right of the machine is a pivoting clamp to hold the knife handle. This clamp has an indicating pointer to measure any permanent deformation. Force to lift the test load is applied manually, via a lever, through this pivot.

The test load applied to the knife is determined by a calibrated weight (attached to the tip of the blade via a clamping device and hook), which should just be raised from the bench surface by the force applied by the operator at the lever. A second scale, which is adjustable along the frame for component length, is positioned to read any permanent set at the tip end. The total permanent set is the combination of set measured at both scales.

The apparatus is capable of adjustment for a range of knives and also includes a fitting to enable carving forks to be tested. Additionally, the range of test loads can include 40N, 50N and 60N as required and a fitting to enable sharpening steel testing can also be supplied.



Test Loads Can be increased to include 40N, 50N, 60N
Size 1000mm x 700mm x 350mm
Suitable for Testing EN28442-2 : Clause 7.2.1

EN28442-1 : Clause 6.2

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