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For Testing the Mechanisms of All Sizes & Types of Folding Knives


This cyclic open/close test machine will enable full evaluation of the rivet, screw, tang, ride and spring wear under various operating conditions. Suitable for testing all sizes of folding knife, multi-tool, multi-blade, custom knives, folders, scissors, secateurs, pliers, snips and shears.

Pneumatically operated the speed of operation can be infinitely adjusted between 6 cycles minimum and 120 cycles maximum, through any angle between 0° and 190°.

By using this unit either lubricated, not lubricated, normal temperature or below freezing the effectiveness of the products pivot mechanism can be easily assessed.

As an option the unit can be fitted with force measuring facilities to allow both opening/closing forces and spring open/close forces to be assessed.

The basic machine does not need an electrical connection as it runs on 6 bar compressed air, but the force unit option is interlinked to your own PC via a PC card and software provided.

A programmable counter can be pre-set to stop the operation after a predetermined number of cycles.

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