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Complying with The International Cutting Test Standard for:


For delicate blades such as razors and medical blades, see our Razor Edge Durability and Sharpness (REDS) Tester



The AET answers the questions “How sharp is the blade?” and “How long will the sharpness last?”

  • Measures the edge sharpness and durability of a large range of blades and knives for quality control, research and development, and competitor product evaluation.
  • Quickly and accurately measures important cutting performance data.
  • Conforms fully to the International Cutting Test Standard BS EN ISO 8442-5 : 2004.
  • Automatic sharpness tester is ideal for large sample sizes and extensive development projects and is completely programmable to allow operation to the standard or user’s own specification.

How it works:

The cutting-edge to be tested is mounted vertically and a pack of specially developed synthetic card is lowered on to it. By moving the blade back and forth repeatedly, the blade cuts into the paper; the depth of the cut being the measurement of sharpness. The test card is loaded with 5% silica, which has a mild wearing effect on the blade edge. The measurement of cut depth at each subsequent stroke can then be plotted to produce a wear curve for each blade tested.


Semi-Automatic Model Automatic Model
Test Stroke fixed 25mm or 40mm (chosen at the time of ordering) Adjustable 0 to 128mm, Standard test 40mm
Test Cutting Speed fixed 50mm/s Adjustable 0 to 150mm/s (standard test 50mm/s)
Test Load 50N 25N and 50N (standard test)
Optional counter-balance not available 0 to 25N counter-balance weights for delicate blades
Max Depth of Cut 50mm 50mm
Overall Vertical Capacity 105mm (including 50mm of cut) making maximum blade width 100mm 105mm (including 50mm of cut) making maximum blade width 100mm
Size 700mm x 430mm x 1000mm, work bench mounted 1700mm x 1800mm x 2000mm, own integral frame
Weight 40kg 300kg
Computer Hardware Controlled a programmable logic controller. Data output can be captured with an optional interface. PC system built in to the equipment. Compatible with Microsoft Excel and Access to provide data analysis, reporting and database facilities.

Specifications – Test Media

Specially formulated card with silica content of 5%, this test card is critical to the accuracy of the test system:

Weight 5kg per pack
Thickness 0.31mm ± 0.02mm
Size 10mm wide x 560mm long

Our automatic and semi-automatic (SAET) machines are available for sale – Contact Us for a quote. The test media for these machines are available from our online shop.

We offer full independent and confidential Testing Services based on these machines.


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